Thursday, May 8, 2008

I`ve found myself a new hobby

My girl is still very sick at the moment and now it seems to be going through the family.... It`s the usual diagnosis from the doctors....Viral infection!!!!! It covers everything doesn`t She did manage to get through having a few visitors over for her birthday but she was pretty early to bed that evening..... Daniel is now off from school with similar symptons...I`ll just have to wait for Joshua now.....Yes positive thinking on my part, i know...
I managed to get out today and do some Mothers Day shopping and also a bit for myself....I`ve finally decided to start Scrapbooking....So many people do it and I must admit the finished products look fantastic....Geez you can certainly get carried away with buying all the bits and pieces though.... Then there are the decisions on what to buy....Just too much to choose from.....It was difficult to know what to buy and half hour later I walked out with enough to get me started and now i`ll just keep building each week.... It`s a great keepsake for the kids when they`re older and if they want to , something to build on for their kids.... It`ll be good for those cold rainy days anyway...


  1. Sorry to hear about the kind love the picture, I thought it was easer to come over here away from the chatters.

  2. hiya mandy, i hope you manage to avoid the lurgy. hope the whole family doesn't get it. :) Fran

  3. you might find some cheap stuff on ebay from people who have done it for a while and stopped.

    Its a good hobby I would think....I often see a mob of women doing it at Spotlight when I buy art supplies

  4. Morning Stephen...Yes the chatters certainly had a field day on my blog....It took me forever to delete the comments...

  5. Morning Fran...So far touch wood (lot`s of wood) to dentist with Daniel this morning...This should be interesting as he is slack when it comes to his teeth....I nag him every single day ....

  6. Morning Les...
    I`m a bit dubious about Ebay these days...They have been getting alot of bad publicity....
    I`m hoping this will be therapuetic for me as god I need something to pass the

  7. Evening Mandy,
    I think scrapbooking is a great thing to do and will be a keepsake for the children in the future. I look at my grandfathers and grandmothers photographs and mostly do not know the people in them and with scrapbooking a definitive record is kept and the scrapbooks are so entertaining and clever. I have been threatening myself to do this for the past twelve months and have not done so yet. I will be still telling myself in twelve months time I will start and you will have it all done and dusted I bet.........Kind Regards, Elizabeth

  8. Hi Mandy,

    I just had a look into your future and yep, you ended up catching the dreaded lurgy......aren't crystal balls amazing .... hehehehehehe.

    Great to see you getting into something else creative. You have always shown that talent on your blogs so it was only a matter of time before you did it in the 'non electronic' world. I'm sure that you will get a lot of satisfaction from it. The only problem is we won't get to see it :(.