Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Here is our 3 legged little man who is quite the handful....
Even though he has only one leg at the front he still creates havoc in my beloved garden....Little holes dug here and there...Chewed on plants that are now starting to kark it....
Oh and he is notorious for getting into my fishpond and dragging out my fake lilly pads which the kids bought me last year....He has some kind of fettish for
Besides this he is my boy and I wouldn`t trade him for a million dollars.....


  1. He is adorable..why would you swap him?all the time and effort you spend in your garden can't compete with that face!!LOL

    little terrors at time..but they are irriplacable..

    He was very lucky to be born into your kind family..he has come a long way..

  2. he's adorable. so cute. and they are such loyal company aren't they. their love is unconditional. :) Fran

  3. Hello Mandy,
    Cute little dog. Likes to go for a bit of a swim then it seems.
    Mostly dogs and gardens don't always mix well.
    Now that our two dogs have gone to heaven we might have a nicer lawn and garden now.
    Take care,

  4. hi mandy, my how the little fella has grown. he is a very nice looking dog.