Thursday, February 5, 2009

The wildlife is struggling with this heat

There are some photo`s getting around about our furry little wildlife friends trying to cope with this dreadful heatwave we have been enduring over the past week and a half.....


  1. Mandy, That is the cutest pic and he sure is enjoying the water. I heard on the news tonight expecting over 45 degrees on Saturday. How do you cope....

  2. I saw them on the Today Show this morning - that little baby koala in the tub is waaaaay cute!

    I even saw the adults so desperate they were drinking from watering cans.

    I wish I could send you down some of this wet stuff we seem to have an oversupply of...

    I thought living in Perth was hot - Adelaide must win hands down this summer!

    Stay Cool Woman!

  3. What a funny little fellow. Seems like most of Australia is coping with extremes of one sort or another. Hope the run of heat ends for you soon.

  4. I saw those pics somewhere before, can't remember because I'm goin ga ga. I feel sorry for you in that awful heat.And there is poor ol Cindy stranded in floods. It is humid here and my electricity bill went through the roof $630 for last 3 months. The price of runnung ducted airconditioning.

  5. Hi Mandy. That last one is the same photo that I posted on my Facebook site, it's so cute.

    It's very hard for animals of any type to cope with the dry conditions. I leave a bucket of fresh water out for my 4 outside cats each day to make sure that they have enough to drink. It's very important for people with pets, to take the time before they leave the house, to see that their pets are well provided for - especially in this very hot weather (expecting 44 deg C today in Melb.).