Saturday, February 21, 2009

Money and possessions is it really worth it???

It saddens me to see what some people are truly like when suddenly money becomes the issue......

The worst part is that families, brothers and sisters whom are supposed to love each other can become so vindictive and nasty and not focus on the problem at hand, the persons health...

Instead bitching and carrying on about something that hasn`t even eventuated yet...

Picking the bones of a loved one before they have even passed on....

It`s a sickening thing to watch AGAIN as I witnessed something very similar within my own family when my father fell ill....

Just goes to show what some people are really all about....

It`s right when they say money is the root of all evil.....

It really makes you stop and think, is it worth having anything to leave behind to loved ones !!!!


  1. Yes, I see adults around me already competing with siblings in case "the old man drops off". It's reallt quite tragic.

    When my hubby's dad passed away, it was the opposite - they cleared one son's debt (fallen on hard times) with their own will proceeds. No time for greed and selfishness at times like these.

    Hold your head high Mandy!

  2. Hi Cindy.....Yes very tragic indeed and I hate witnessing it.....

    Don`t worry though I have set a few people straight and put my two bobs worth in giving them something to think about....

  3. it's a very nasty business whichever way you look at it and it happens in more families that you'd expect. rich or poor it doesn't matter. just goes to show that a will is very important.

  4. Hi Mandy it is really stomach churning the grabbiness of people after someone passes away...when my Grandma died I was supposed to get Jewellery of hers...never happened her sisters family took everything I was just 14...I don't care about getting stuff its just sooo tacky and sad! My Mum has given away the things people would fight over she said she wants her Family to have what she wants them to have,so she did it nipped that in the bud...all I'll be leaving behind is my music and kitschy knick knacks no fighting for that!

  5. Oh Gosh Mandy,
    Not good when money and such take over the welfare of loved ones, other than that patient. Many a family fall apart never to speak again because of it.......and to me it's greed.
    I recently had one of my cousins ask me to give her something of my mother's (remember she died recently), and I said I can't give you anything because it all belongs to my father! It's not up to me what is given away, it's up to my father. I won't tell you what he said :).......luckly I am the only child in away. Needless to say, my cousin didn't get anything. :)

  6. Mandy, I guess this is all about Matt's Mum going into care. I am so sorry..

    I am thankful that you have a voice. Let's hope it is heard before more damage is done.

    Please try to let it all go through to the keeper Mandy. Take care of you...

  7. Hi :)

    Great post, and so true unfortunately :(

    I used to work in a nursing home, and there were so many elderly people whose families didn't visit them regularly, or even want to know how they were until they were almost on their death bed ! Then you would see them start turning up like flies. Used to make me so angry! Grrrr

    My parents have it all worked out. They recently sold their house(with their furniture), and bought a nice big caravan and a newer car tow it with. They are in their late 60's. My brother and I haven't talked to each other for years, so I am actually quite supportive of what my Parents have done. It will save a lot of nastiness and heartbreak later down the track. My brother's wife would have had her hands on my parents stuff otherwise. My brother and his wife have never cared about my parent's health issues.

    I'm sorry you have had personal experiences within your own family , dealing with it:(

  8. Its ugly isn't it, when people start thinking about what happens to money when a relative is dying. It makes me sick. With the financial meltdown occurring there wont be anything left in the kitty when we pop off for anyone to argue about.

  9. Yes this seems to be all too common in families. My siblings and I have already told my father to just sell up his assets now and enjoy life while he can, but we can already see his second wife's kids angling for a slice of his pie so to speak. The whole blended families thing makes it all so much more complicated.

  10. Hi everyone, unfortunately this day and age majority of people seem to be very materialistic...Sad isn`t it????...We`ve had a good chat with mother and she is now aware of some of the goings on behind the scene....We`ve told her now just to focus on getting well this is the main concern...

    One good thing she is in high spirits and having radiation therapy done...Originally she refused treatment but now I think she is glad that she has gone ahead with it....