Thursday, April 9, 2009

Something different for your garden.

No these are not real...

What they are is statues made from cement...

It`s a place that makes whatever you want to order...

I was so facinated by the collection that they displayed out the front that I couldn`t resist taking a photo...

One of the pieces that I didn`t get in the photo is a T Rex...

Now who wouldn`t want one of those out in their front


  1. morning Mandy,
    The city of Shepparton in Victoria, has cows all over their city gardens, all different colours etc... a good talking point for
    Have a relaxing, carefree Easter to you and yours.

  2. Mandy, They have those cows in different colours here in Tassie, at a Cheese Factory in the paddocks near the Highway, they look really kewl. I must see if I can get a photo of them sometime.
    Have a Happy Easter.

  3. i'd love a cow for my garden. maybe a little one as my garden is quite small. it reminds me of those emus you see in gardens. how australian! Fran

  4. Bevally you too have a lovely relaxing Easter...

  5. Margaret I can`t say I have seen much around Adelaide when it comes to these sorts of statues....
    Have a lovely Easter

  6. Hi can see we will be starting a trend...I so want the dinosaurs though...I would put light detection sensors in the mouths of them and scare the crap out of anyone who dares walks in our yard of a night time...Now that would be funny...lmao
    You have a great Easter and hope you are feeling better...

  7. I don't think so. unless they stop the neighborhood cats from using my garden as a toilet.

  8. hi mandy, i hope you and your many readers have a lovely easter break too. nice and relaxing and peaceful. X Fran

  9. Think one of the cows would be perfect for the farm Mandy.
    How is that arm after the scalding?
    May the Easter Bunny fill your basket with yummy eggs xo

  10. Oh Mandy!
    Your arm!!! :(
    I hope it heals fast....poor girl! and here I am feeling sorry for myself...god I'm hopeless...lucky I don't have anything major to worry about hey!
    Sorry to hear Daniel is having a tough time...are they picking on him? with him being the new kid? or is he just determined to go back to his old school?
    I can just see a dinosaur in my front garden! LMAO
    Might keep the drunks away?

  11. Hello dear Chez..
    The arm is doing well..I find after a long day of trying to do the chores i`m exhausted..It seems favouring one arm can be quite
    May you too have a wonderful Easter and the easter bunny favours your basket...

  12. Hi Sassy...Ah yes the arm...I`m over wish it would hurry up and be better....
    As for Daniel I think it`s more of a case where he now knows he has older siblings at the school and he thinks he is untouchable...Little bugger spat the dummy big time because a kid hit a ball into his head...He retaliated by hitting the kid back...Very unlike Daniel...
    So now he has earnt himself 3 days off from school...He knows he has done wrong and what he did isn`t the right way of going about things...We kindly reminded him of the time he was a victim of bullying so i`m hoping it sinks in...
    lol about keeping the drunks away...

  13. Thanks for sharing don't think I would like a cow in my garden but to each their own.

    I know Daniel shouldn't have hit the kid back but at the same time I know how it feels like to be bullied and at times you do feel like turning around and hitting back but it doesn't solve anything and he has to learn that even though it is hard at times.