Monday, April 13, 2009

Learning the trade

I thought I would show you where my mother for the past 22 years has resided..
This is her livlihood...
A pub and restaurant in the heart of the Adelaide Hills....
They also own the caravan park...
They have had many ups but also some down times...
In 1993 they had a terrifying ordeal where the creek that runs at the back of the hotel and caravan Park over flowed and caused a horrific flood where some campers had lost their lives...
But like true aussie battlers they rebuilt and as you can see the pub still stands...
This here is the restaurant where they can seat up to 110 patrons...
Two of my sisters and also my brother have held their weddings and reception at mums place as she has a beautiful outside garden with magnigicent back views of the countryside that we have here in the Adelaide Hills..

When they first moved in it was nothing but a run down local pub but with sheer determination and lots of hard work it has paid off.....

This bit of the garden mum has done by herself...Like me she is an avid gardener and simply loves her plants...

This is part of the front bar or what they like to call the Tavern....

In the winter as it can get awfully cold up there, they have this huge pot belly stove that knows how to throw out some serious heat....

And finally part of the caravan park where they have on site cabins and lots of camping sites...Easter time is their busiest time where the caravan park is fully booked out for the weekend....

Now as most of you know Joshua my teen son wants to become a chef....It sort of runs in the family...

My mother cooks for the restaurant, always has...Pretty much self taught...

Well Joshua has work experience coming up for school and he has chosen to go work for his nana for the week....LEarn all the trade secrets ect....It will give him a good indication as to whether this is what he really wants to do for a career...


  1. If josh works as (hard) as he does when he helps me with jobs he'll earn what i told him what he was worth...28 cents per

  2. Hopefully Josh likes it and then he will work hard at it. Your Mum has a beautiful place and the Adelaide Hills is a great area.
    Mandy if you send me your email address I wont publish it but I would like to send you something.

  3. i love it up there. my neice was married in the garden there and they had the reception inside. that was awhile ago. my husband and his parents were alive then. that takes me back. Fran

  4. That looks like a lovely spot your mother has Mandy, no doubt a lot of love and hard work has gone into it. A great opportunity for Joshua to get some work experience in his chosen field and hopefully a big help for Nana (even at 28 cents per hour.....).

  5. Matt! LMAO
    Looks like a great place! She's done well to keep it going so long! Tough business!
    Hope your arms getting better?!
    Good Luck to Joshua! (hope he puts on a good show for his nan!)
    My link for you isn't working on big is just the link.....right?!

  6. Hi Mandy
    I'm back again.
    nice photos!
    I have been having fun watching Dougs youtube.
    He has been having fun cotten havesting.
    It has rained all day today.
    I'm bored I better pick a new hobbie.
    bye bye

  7. god that sounds like a huge amount of work !

  8. Lovely photos and looks a great place. Nice up in those hills, have been up there with caravan few years back. Didn't stop though, just drove over the hills and around the bends. I hope your son enjoys his work experience there. I do hope your arm has improved over the Easter.

  9. Have seen it but cant picture where - Inglewood? Clarendon?

    That burn is a shocker - I cant believe that coffee would be as unkind to do that! Hope its on the mend!

  10. What a beautiful place your mum has I wonder if my parents have been there since they travel so much and have stayed in caravan parks in SA a number of times.

    I hope Josh learns heaps from his nan and enjoys the experience.

  11. hi Mandy. hope everything is ok and getting better for you.especially your arm..ouch..I think it is good for Joshua to want to be there with Nan to do work him good, change of pace and scenery..your pond has gone?? have you changed service providers??