Thursday, April 23, 2009

Rain after such a long summer

Firstly I would like to start by saying a big thank you to Diane for sending a signed picture of Bernie (hugo) from Home and Away..

My kids love you...They want it framed and hung up on the wall...

Oh and my daughter wants to know if you have Bernie`s number as she reckons he is a bit of a

This week has been a bit of a challenge for us all as hubby`s mum has been in and out of hospital...It`s at the stage now where she is bed ridden as her legs have given up on her...

We have a social worker speaking with her as it is getting to the point where at home care unfortunately isn`t an option any longer...

I think she knows this herself but it doesn`t make it any easier trying to make decisions on her behalf...

We just want her to be happy and comfortable...

And then there is always "one" trouble maker within a family...

Stress which everyone can do without at a time like this...

Kids are on the mend..Still lots of coughing going on but thankfully over the worst...

Today and for the next few days we are in for one big rain storm, something we here in South Australia haven`t seen for a long time....

I`ve had to put away all the outdoor furniture as the weather bureau is saying we could get up too 50 mls....

My garden is really going to enjoy this....

Actually I thinks most South Aussies will....


  1. yes mandy, love the rain. although .... just kidding. hope your mil gets on ok considering her health problems. it's always hard isn't it? Fran

  2. Glad you got the card. It is nice to be able to give one to someone who appreciates it. (No your daughter can't have his number he belongs to MY daughter) Sorry to hear about MIL It is a difficult time for everyone.

  3. Morning Mandy. Glad that you are getting the rain that you need. We are over it! True Autumn weather for us.
    Hope you manage to get things sorted with MIL.
    Take care my friend.

  4. Hi Mandy, up here its been raining off and on since Thurs night...over 25mm so far, but still soaking in..nothing running away yet. Sounds like a lot of water going into your catchments..just when Adelaide was in dire troubles too...Do we dance yet?

  5. hallo, i really like reading your blog but your music player drives me crazy. can't you set it to off and then the person can choose to play it or at least change your songs. thanks, Jools

  6. Hi Mandy
    How's your arm going?
    Am I correct in saying your happy for a change?
    I am happy I have been ever since getting better from the flu.
    What's wrong with me I'm adicted to spending money on my wife?
    cya friend

  7. Lauren loves your music here....I dont know how she would know it???

    Cheers and have to say I love the rain...(for the moment - it should only happen at night when we are tucked up in bed)


  8. We have had a bit of rain here as well and it is needed. Sorry to hear about Matt's mum it is terrible when they can't get around any more my great aunt was in a wheel chair for the last couple of years of her life.