Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I`m out of here

Over the past 12 months I have watched the area we have been living in slowly disappear...
We live in a Government housing area and here in SA alot has been happening with these old houses...It`s out with the old and replacing them with brand new houses....
What was 2 homes on a block is now four..
Much smaller yards which i`m liking and more living space on the inside which I like more....
Well our turn has come..We received a phone call early last week saying that they have a new home for us...Woo hoo....
Am I happy or what....Hubby and I went and inspected the new property and we liked what we saw....Only disappointing thing is that our swimming pool won`t fit into the new backyard so looks like we`ll be selling that and "maybe" come next summer invest in a smaller one as we do love to swim ...I`m not a huge fan of the sea, too many kreepy things in that

The kids are so excited about the move whereas a different story with mum and dad... STRESS CITY here we come...:)

Moving date is in 3 weeks time, just waiting for the removalists to drop off the packing cartons and then I can begin with the inside...

That part i`m not at all excited about, so many things to pack, where do I start....

I`ve forgotten what it`s like to move as it`s been so long....Not to mention the amount of stuff one accumulates over the years.

So i`ll probably see you all on the other side of the move everyone....


  1. Mandy, I am thrilled to see that we still live in the land of opportunity.
    'Seize the Day' and enjoy the journey (Yes! That includes the move)
    So happy for you! Take with you my love and gratitude my friend xo

  2. It's got to be hard walking away from all your hard work though Mandy? I remember the redecorating of the rooms.. the beautiful backyard, the weird and obnoxious neighbours... well, OK, so there are some things it will good to get away from. Enjoy the move Mandy!

  3. Lucky you! Its great to hear of something good happening in your life. Moving is supposed to create a lot of stress on a relationship so be aware and keep a cool head. Remember with accumulated stuff,if you haven't used it in 12 months throw it out rather than hoard it. Easier packing more storage space in you new house for new accumulations.Good luck.

  4. it will all be fine. lots of work but lots of excitement too and you'll be moving away from the neighbours from hell so that's got to be good. at least you have matt and the kids to help. good luck with it all, the new house looks great. pity about the pool though. i'd buy it from you but it wouldn't fit here either. lol.

  5. Lucky you getting to move to a new place. I will be here to they cart me out in a box or is it bag do we have body bags in Australia.......

    We are having a clean out to day that is an exercise in stress.........

  6. Hey Mandy! Long time no blog catch up!

    I hope your move went without a hitch. Of course with myself, people write my address down in pencil in their address books - I think we've had a dozen moves in 22 years or so. (It's sad that I keep a 1.5m tall roll of bubble wrap handy at all times)

    Hope the kids and yourselves all settle in with a minimum of fuss and find all the light switches quickly!



  7. Well my goodness me, how lovely a new home...hope all goes wells with the move and a great chance to a real clean out :)

  8. How exciting, Congratulations to you and your family Mandy! :)

    We made the big move about 6 months ago as well, and gosh what a major stressful time it was

    But all is good now, and it feel great having a new environment !

    All the best with your move, hope it goes smoothly for you all!:)

  9. Congrats on the new place; best wishes on the move!