Saturday, October 17, 2009

Who needs duck hunting when they come to you

With daylight saving it gives me the opportunity to do some extra chores outside so last night I thought I would go potter around in the garden...
I walked out into the backyard and was very surprised at what I saw swimming around in the pool......
I couldn`t quite believe my eyes so I quickly but quietly ran back inside to get the trusty camera and take a few snaps.....
Daniel my youngest thought it might be a good idea to feed him whilst he was here swimming around in the pool as if he had taken ownership....
Cheeky if you ask

Hubby reckons not to be surprised if the whole family turns up soon...
Now won`t that be fun....
Personally I was thinking Christmas dinner....


  1. He sure is a handsome visitor. How funny. You'll have to give it a name.Hope he doesn't do whoopsies in the pool. Wish we had daylight saving.

  2. How cute is that and looks so at home....

  3. excuse the above forgot to identify myself

    izzie b.

  4. Yikes will put the above down to working nights...
    Lizzies Insomnia

  5. What a precious site. Looks like the duck own the pool now :)

  6. fantastic! I have daffy duck and bugs bunny arguing in my head now 'duck season' 'rabbit season' of course daughter wants the duck around - all these things are cute until the downside actually impacts on you. It could be worse, at least you don't live up in crocodile territory!

  7. I think that's a Pacific Black Duck. If it has a green feather and a purple feather under each wing, it is. They sound a bit like Donald Duck sometimes!

  8. He looks right at home in your pool and your hubby might be right about the whole family coming over for a visit. Great shots.

  9. Hey!
    Where are you?!
    Ah I miss blogging :(
    I've added you to favorites so I expect some posts...soon! LOL
    Yes I'm supposed to be working
    Hope your all well

  10. Facebook sux...I cant do without a I'm back! Kymbo

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  12. Hi there,Just found your blog through Jules & Im liking it so far.What a lovely thing to see little duckies in your pool.