Thursday, July 31, 2008

Obviously still too early to let go

I`m up before the birds this morning as I can`t sleep...This "thing" in my ear drove me absolutely bananas last night....I kept Matt awake as well.....So definitely off to the doctors.... As for Daniel and his bike riding, here we were thinking everything was going along nicely but it wasn`t at all.... You see he didn`t come home straight away from school like he is supposed too.....By the time 5;30 arrived the panic started to kick in.... I don`t know what or why I rang the school but I did....Luckily Daniel`s teacher still happened to be there and I asked her if Daniel had gone to school that day.... Turns out he hadn`t and to make matters worse he didn`t attend yesterday either..... OMG!!!!! Now I was definitely worried.... I went around to this kids place that he rides to school with of a morning.....The step father after 5 minutes of standing at the door decides to answer it....He hadn`t seen Daniel (supposedly) that day.....So straight home on the phone to the police to put out a missing persons report "AGAIN".... He rocked up home half an hour later and did Matt and myself let rip, because naturally we were worried sick as only on the weekend we had a little girl around the corner nearly abducted..... We drilled him as to where he had been all day today and yesterday..... What makes me so furious is that he went to this young lads home and stayed there for the day....Now if that was Daniel`s friend and he came to our place on a school day I would be telling them to either get to school or go home.....But no, not these dicks, they let him stay there and not inform us of what has been going on ..... Then we find out yesterday he spent the day at this boy`s sister`s house.....God knows what they did there but today we will be finding out...I just can`t believe these sorts of people...Don`t they have brains....They can see the kid is in his school uniform which to me would indicate he is supposed to be at school..... Then we find out that the boy`s parents are smoking dope in front of Daniel.....What`s next shooting a needle up the arm????? These people may raise their children how they see fit but when it comes to my child or anyone else`s for that fact they should show some responsibility..... So today we will be speaking with the school and letting them know of the past events...I`ve asked that Daniel be punished for wagging school as now he has two days of work to catch up on..... In the meantime he will also be punished at home.... He has to learn that for every action there is a reaction.....


  1. that's alarming mandy. very scary. what is wrong with people? i'm glad daniel is safe (not from you and matt) at least. nothing like a bit of extra stress to keep you on your toes hey? Fran

  2. Oh Fran it get`s much worse....If you read my bigblog it will explain some of the goings on.....

    It`s in the hands of the police now.....

  3. Mandy that is downright scary. How is Daniel dealing with all of this?

    You must all be feeling so anxious - I hope that you find a resolution, and soon.