Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I try to give my youngest who is nearly 11 some freedom on weekends but somehow it`s always me and his father who comes off worse for it.... He went to some friends house yesterday after me stipulating that he wasn`t to go....You see hubby and I did end up doing some work out in the yard after saying it was going to be a lazy day.... So whilst we were busy doing what we were doing he was out galavanting and having a good time.... Now usually he`ll be at home by 6pm latest....6:30 rolls on and he still wasn`t home so Matt and myself went to where he was supposed to be.... He wasn`t there and the friend he was with also wasn`t home....The difference is these parents of this kid allow their children to be out of a night...I don`t..... Especially when it`s school the next day.... I like to stick to a strict routine and plus I was worried sick.... 7:30 pm comes and i am frantic....Enough so that I called the police and put out a missing persons report... Matt was furious by this time as we had no idea where he could be..... After many phone calls and talking with the police I get a phone call at 8:30 pm from my son.... He was back at the house where he should have been in the first place..... Matt went around and picked him up and he did arrive home in one piece after Matt had ear bashed him.... His excuse was that his bike got a flat tyre and he had to walk.... I was so angry at him as only just this weekend there was an incident where an elderly man had tried to get a 12 year old boy into his car... Daniel just has no fear of anyone or anything... Needless to say he is grounded again, no playstation and he won`t be going anywhere any time soon.... I have just put a bike on layby for him for his birthday which is coming up in a couple of months time but with what has happened this weekend I told him he won`t be getting it... Not until he can prove to me that he can be responsible for his actions.... I`ve never felt so ill.... At this rate he will be the death of me.... Bloody kid!!!!! Little does he realise how much we worry.... But in the end all that matters is he is home and ok....


  1. kids hey? there's always something. doesn't matter if they're 11 or 37. hope you settle down a bit. bad for the blood preasure isn't it? take care

  2. Have a better weekend Mandy


  3. Hi Mandy, hope these teen years are soon behind you.
    Hello Fran, I visited your Bali photos today as I was tidying up my favourites. Will email you soon. Busy, busy busy. All my work into Musical Notes has paid off AND I am being inundated with emails from old muso friends. AND even my first crush is writing regularly .. I nearly went thru the floor when he wrote. He looks as cute now as he did then. I will be putting up new posts soon and then maybe I will have to visit everyone again. I miss Shaymus, thank God for Tim.