Wednesday, February 15, 2017

I`ve found my way back

Well it certainly has been a while since i`ve been here, 5 or so years by the looks of things..A lot has certainly changed for me in that time, one being older and hopefully wiser...                                                                                                                                                                                                          
Why am i back???..Well firstly it took this old girl a while to find her way back..You know, that thing called a memory ...Yeah right, it`s a struggle these days ...Then i have had the need to vent and get my frustrations out without being judged or stalked by the ones whom you class as family or close friends especially when it comes to the dreaded Facebook...You know how it goes, you put something up and everything is taken out of context and suddenly it has become a world war..Plus there is that situation where you have mutual friends , so on and so on...Nothing is sacred..NOTHING...

One has had situations where the phone calls start because of a status you happen to have written all wanting to find out what`s going on and let`s face it, you really don`t want to go into detail...Sometimes they mean nothing but people make it into something naturally thinking it`s about them or someone they know, and so it snowballs into something which meant totally nothing..

Hence the reason for me to take up my first love again which was blogging...


  1. hi there stranger. welcome back. it was a nice surprise to get your comment the other day. i know what you mean about fb etc. venting is good for you lol

    1. certainly is...One can only bottle so much up and i have had a few years of that..:)