Monday, January 3, 2011

Not what I would call a good start to the New Year

Luck certainly isn`t running my way at present....Just before Xmas we were having car trouble....RAdiator wasn`t preforming properly so we do the right thing and seek the professional....A new radiator was needed or so we were told....$430 later thanks for coming....Not a week later and still we had trouble..Losing coolant but not seeing any leaks....So back we go to get it sorted out...New problem and another $70.... After a week or two I found I was having to top the radiator up again...Surely NO but alas YES, looks like we are back at square one again...Losing coolant but no leaks that we can see....So hubby will be getting on to the so called specialist when they open to let him know how UNHAPPY we are....I think this guy believes we have a money tree growing out in the backyard....Either that or we have Suckers written clearly in bold letters on our forheads.... That`s the fisrt of our break downs..... The other is our washing machine....We found a great secondhand one, right size for the family and well within our budget as we had to take into consideration the price of hiring a trailer...All was going along nicely for 2 weeks then Christmas eve it stopped dead on me....Wash cycle is all good but no rinse or drain which means only one thing , the water pump....So now I need to make a decision, do I save for a new washing machine or do I pay for someone to come out and fix this one....Either way I`ll be having to save the pennies.... One positive is that it still washes and that it`s summer so drip drying won`t be a problem.... And here we are a few days into the New YEar and things aren`t going the way I would like them to be...Hope this isn`t a sign of things to come or it could be a very long year...:)


  1. that's not good Mandy but it isn't a sign of things to come. it will sort out and you'll have a wonderful year :)

  2. Oh Mandy! This is not good my friend. It is totally unacceptable to pay 'so called professionals' only to find yourselves without wheels again.Definitely a good idea to let Matt handle it as there are males that try to put it over women.
    The washing machine is another problem you could have done without. Looking forward to learning the outcome.
    My best wishes for a great 2011

  3. Lovely to see a post from you again :)
    Welcome back, and hope you get time to post more often.

    You know things come in 3's..a pain, isn't it!

  4. Bloody hell sometimes you feel that these places just want to see how much you your hard earned money they can get you to part with. I would be truely pissed off if it was me.

    My mum has the same problem with her washing machine and is waiting to have it repaired but at least it is only going to cost her 3 long necks as a friend of my sisters is doing the job for her. He is also going to try and repair my dryer door.