Thursday, December 3, 2009

It`s looking a lot like Christmas

It`s come around way too quick for me this year and I am in no way ready for it...
I have no enthusiasm what so ever...
Thankfully I did my Christmas shopping throughout the year otherwise things would be grim for the kids...
I`ve had some pretty stressful days, actually, honestly since hubby has left stress arrived...
Rotten mongrel of a thing...(stress that is)
I`ve had more than my fair share of dealing with our government departments and I hope i`ve seen the last of them...
I feel like i`ve been thrown to the wolves and mentally i`m not coping...
One good thing to come from all of this is I have shed the excess weight I had gained...
Having no appetite tends to do that to you..
In less than two weeks I have lost a whole dress size....
The bad thing is now I need a new wardrobe of
On the job hunting side I have put my name down at just about every shop in our local area..
I`m praying that I hear something from someone soon...
I just need someone to give me a go but not having worked in 12 years doesn`t look good on a resume....
As for hubby well we are talking at least...
We`ve decided it best that we live seperately for a while but still be together..
Make sense????


  1. There is no good time for a break up, but in the lead up to xmas has got to be close to the worst time possible. Try to keep a positive attitude Mandy.

  2. Hey Mandy,
    I hear gardening is great therapy! :)
    Sorry to hear things are so tough for you, you've done it so tough for so long, it's so not fair!
    Chistmas? the shops are a killer right now :( good luck in the last minute rush

  3. Good to see you can find a positive..losing weight but you don't look like you should lose too much.Don't forgrt to call on your GP if the depression gets bad best to catch it before it overwhelms you. I had a bought of it in my 40's and my doctor tried several medications until one worked. I was on it for a few months and then weened off it. I have been OK ever since. So don't hesitate to take something to help you get out of the hole and then you can give it up. Good luck with finding a job. I hope the kids can help you have a nice Christmas.

  4. Yeah Christmas has came around so fast but it always seems like it does the older we get. I have all my presents but I start buy Christmas presents in January.

    Good to hear that you and hubby are at least talking.

  5. Mandy, it sounds as if it will be a different Christmas for you this year.
    Must be hard work looking for a job, probably harder than the job you will eventually find.
    A new wardrobe might do you good, nothing like shopping to make yourself feel a little better.
    Good luck, and don't dwell on the past if you can help it :)

  6. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, take care and I do hope all is ok with you.

  7. My precious friend I had no idea any of this had been happening in my absence.
    I pray that 2010 brings with it a great job, independence and financial security along with good health, peace and a joy filled heart.
    Bless you and know that I am here anytime if there is anything that I can do to help.
    Love Chez xo