Thursday, August 20, 2009

Day`s or should that be weeks of our lives...

My life is getting busier and busier these days, not finding much time for the little things in life which I like to do such as blogging.... So much has been going on so where to start... Firstly Daniel had an enjoyable birthday...We went out as a family to tea and he thoroughly enjoyed that....Matt`s eldest daughter took him out for the afternoon, just the two of them....Movies and lunch so yes he had the royal treatment.... School life I thought was on the improve for him...He seemed to have settled down, getting work done and the teacher was writing positive feedback in his diary but then we had a set back....Someone at school riled him up and he retaliated by throwing something at them...5 days suspension from school...Next week I am meeting with the school psyhcologist so hopefully she will be able to help him.... Krystal is now feeling the pressure of year 12.....Everything is due , assignments ect....She was up until 2.30am trying to get assignments finished....Let`s just say she didn`t look her best the next I`m sure she will do well though... Matt finally had his operation this week...Poor love he was so nervous, always is when it comes to ops.....They found 3 growths in the bowel and removed them..Good news was they weren`t cancerous YET....Apparently if they had of been left much longer then it could of turned....He is feeling rather sore at the moment but he like myself are relieved.....I try to be the positive one for both of us , so when I heard the good news it was like a tonne of weight had been lifted off my shoulders.....Some good fortune finally...He has also been trying new anti convulsant medication for his epilepsy....So far it`s been all good...No seizures in the past two weeks....Maybe these new tablets are doing the job.... And now we come to my run away son....It`s been 10 weeks since he has been out of home....In those 10 weeks I have seen him on numerous occassions , shopping or school...It looks like he wants nothing to do with me...He`ll speak with Daniel and Krystal but when it comes to me he`ll run the other way when he sees me...One time I went to speak to him he turned and ran...I must have been on really bad mother to him if he feels the need to do this...Naturally I was very upset but more upset because he has been telling lies to his grandparents that I have been the one ignoring him.....Krystal god love her has gone in defending me to her nana but the nana can`t see past the things Joshua has been telling her...Krystal got very angry and upset so now she doesn`t visit her grandparents very often....I wrote him a letter the other day as this seems the only way of communicating with him...He won`t answer calls .....I`m now waiting to see if I get a response back....Then to top everything off I found out last night that he is ENGAGED to his girlfriend (yes the one who gave him and us so much grief)....Oh and let`s not forget the fact that he is still only 15 years old..... Sorry long post I know...These are just a few of the things that`s been going on in my life...Hopefully I`ll find the time to be a little more regular...I`m actually writing this post at 7am where it`s lovely and quiet.....


  1. What a time of it you have had it is so frustrating when kids get suspended from school you know they did wrong and have to be punished but at times it feels like you are the one being punished as you are the one who has to have them at home and you can't just let them do whatever they like while home as then it could look like you are rewarding them for being suspended. You would think that Josh's nana should know that you can't believe everything a teenager says as they can be very negative towards anyone who doesn't agree with them as they are always right and mum knows nothing. Teenagers could drive a saint mad.At least he can't go off and get married for a few years yet and by then may have come to his senses about the girl. At least you have Krystal who is your blessing not causing you to much grief. I am so happy to hear that Matt's opp went well and there was no cancer fingers crossed his epilepsy is under control now.

  2. it's good news for Matt at least. lots of drama otherwise. teenagers are the worst. Fran